Social network where photography matters
Social network where photography matters
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Why we created [A]ntigram
I was always looking for a social network where I can be myself. I believe that [A]ntigram can become a friendly space for true emotions, instant photos and unforgettable moments.
Maxim Ilyin
Create memories together with friends and collect the most memorable moments of your life. You can upload photos in personal and collaborative albums.
Product manager
Rimma Karimova
We create an app that will bring back long-forgotten memories of using film cameras.
UI/UX Designer
Lyudmila Nazemtseva
The app stands out thanks to its special nostalgic atmosphere. Everyone will be able to prove themselves. So [A]ntigram will interest completely different people and fans of analog photos.
Financial director
Feruza Kazakova
[A]ntigram is able to replace disposable cameras. And it also can become a good simulator of film cameras for beginners. I am sure that the app will unite like-minded people.
Fullstack Разработчик
Илья Морозов
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